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New concert adaptation for The Hollywood Bowl and the Barbican

Looks like this is going to be the Shakespeare in the concert hall year. Shakespeare’s Globe is pairing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Bowl and the BBC Symphony Orchestra in London in a an exploration of Florent Schmitt’s explosive Antoine et Cléopâtre suites 69a and 69b. This music is hardly ever performed, and Schmitt is the […]

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Hamlet in Malta

HAMLET’s Top Story in the NY Times

INTERNATIONAL ARTS London’s Globe Theater Is Winding Up ‘Hamlet’ World Tour By CHRISTOPHER D. SHEAMARCH 22, 2016 The traveling Globe to Globe “Hamlet” in February in Malta. CreditGianni Cipriano for The New York Times SLIEMA, Malta — Minutes before the curtain was set to rise on a production of “Hamlet” at the Salesian Theater here, […]

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R&J Spoleto w bass drum

Romeo & Juliet rocks the Spoleto Festival

For three weeks the production of R&J I composed this year, produced by Shakespeare’s Globe and directed by Dominic Dromgoole and Tim Hoare, takes over at the Spoleto Festival in South Carolina. Few reviews worth sharing – go team! Here she blows (from the Charleston City Paper): Romeo and Juliet crackles with fun and menace, […]

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This is your Brain on Grants

Fox Actor Journal: Bill Barclay (Posted in TCG Circle, the blog of Theater Communications Group) In the world of arts grants, there seem to me to be three different kinds. There are the specific project-oriented ones, the ones that reward great ideas of a finite nature. Yes you can devise this play and bring it […]

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Henry VI part 3 – Act V, Scene 4 backstage at Crimes and Crimes

We’re about to go on here – this is the cast of Strindberg’s “Crimes and Crimes” coming to my aid here. Strindberg champion Ulrika Brand has translated, adapted, and directed this production to mark the centennial of Strindberg’s death. There are many events happening in the Boston/Cambridge area concurrently, all a part apparently of a […]

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LLL III;1 on skis and butt lift

Love’s Labours Lost – Act III, Scene 1 SKIING, on a BUTT LIFT and finally, AS MY OWN SKIING VIDEOGRAPHER

This is maybe the best video so far since the Occupy protest march. In this one scene, albeit it is a long scene, full of clowns and lovers and all ranges of noble to doggerel verse, I try skiing for the first time with Yorick. A dangerous proposition! Remember Yorick is ceramic… Once again my […]

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MSND I;i Henley St

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act I, Scene 1 on Henley St in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Back to the Birthplace!

Well we’re back where we started. Several months ago Yorick and I stood only about 30 meters from this very spot, beginning the strange and eventful history with Act I, Scene 1 of Two Gentlemen of Verona. A dozen plays and thousands of miles later we are once again back here, albeit in a less […]

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R3 II;i thumbnail Battery Park

Richard III – Act II, Scene 1 in Battery Park

There’s really something about this fake reunion scene between the Woodvilles and the rest of the court that jives with this statue of the immigrants just landed from Ellis Island. I don’t know, does ‘fish out of water’ cover it? Maybe not – probably a contributing factor is the Hans-Solo-esque capturing of these desperate souls […]

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Reading Shax Aloud thumbnail

Reading Shakespeare Aloud

My google alert for Shakespeare Aloud turned up something interesting recently. I don’t know what book this is taken from – it’s pretty generic and dry. But there are some interesting pieces of advice for those people who seek any kind of benefits to speaking the Bard aloud. In particular, achieving any sense of the […]

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Titus I;i thumbnail Christian Science

Titus Andronicus Act I, Scene 1 outside the Christian Science Center, Boston and on Newbury St WITH MAXIMILIAN

This was fabulous – kicking off the Christmas season with getting kicked out of the Christian Science Center reading the first scene of Titus Andronicus.  The view is perfect for the top of this play – the choosing of the Roman emperor, and the violence that ensues.  It seems all parts of this scene would […]

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Othello is half comedic?

You may recall my friend Grey, featured prominently in our readings on my birthday, 11/11/11 at BOTH 11:11:11am and 11:11:11pm (we were reading the best scene of the play to boot – check it out.) He sends me now this article which I find utterly fascinating, particularly because it scratches an itch I have about […]

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Mounting Comedy with actual twins

  Meet Zach and Jared Greenberg, and Aidan and Dotan Horowitz as Dromios of Ephesus and Syracuse, and Antipholuses of Syracuse and Ephesus on our first day of rehearsal. This fall I have been blessed with a scenario that a Shakespeare lover could fantasize over, on and off, for one’s entire lifetime. The opportunity to […]

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Your Anonymous dump page

As a great Shakespeare lover, a believer that he is not only the world’s greatest playwright but the world’s greatest poet, I admit to being irritated.  The director Mr. Roland Emmerich has said publicly he doesn’t support “lies being told to children,” i.e., Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare. So in this Discussion post, I would like to […]

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Two Gents discussion thumbnail

Solving the Ending

Let’s feature for discussion the famous lines at the end of the play around the extremely awkward attempted rape and how the gents are able to put it behind them. The moment is eggy for everyone.  Julia has a tough swoon, Slivia has to bite her tongue, Valentine has to forgive the unforgivable, and Proteus […]

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Two Gents Act 1, Scene 1 – Stratford-upon-Avon, England – THE VERY BEGINNING

And……we’re off!  The very first installment of Shakespeare Aloud.  Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Walton, scholar, writer and professor at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust here in Stratford, Yorick and I have been given permission to film my first scene of the first Shakespeare play in the canon, right outside his actual birthplace. Nick and I discussed […]

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Shakespeare the stoner?

Pipes (plural) with traces of cannabis have been found in Shakespeare’s yard – dated conceivably to the period.  That’s about all there is ultimately to conclude in terms of hard facts to this article, but there is a collection of enticements to consider. This broke via Times magazine a month or so back but it seems […]

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Hamlet G2G slider

Hamlet On Tour

  From 2014-2016, to mark the two anniversaries of Shakespeare’s birth and death, the Globe has launched a two year tour to every single country on earth.  Click the image above to be taken to the special website designed to track the progress of Hamlet as it undergoes this extraordinary journey. This is a once-in-a-lifetime […]

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SNAKE Symphony mag

Emerging from a snake in Symphony Magazine

Last winter’s production of The Magic Flute at Symphony Hall in Boston – a collaboration between the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Youth Orchestras – was caught in Symphony Magazine this summer, the trade mag of note in the world of American classical music. March 30, 2014, for two performances, I played the Narrator in my […]

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The Merchant of Stratford?!

News this week from Aberystwyth University in Wales suggests that Shakespeare was a conniving grain hoarder whose cutthroat ways caused prices to soar in a time of famine. Just when you thought there was nothing else to say about the sketchy biography of the man from Stratford. In spite of the curiously interesting twist on […]

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