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I published some books everyone

The Jon Lipsky Play Collection is here. The 8 best plays by Boston-area stalwart Jon Lipsky are published by Smith & Kraus, co-edited with Jon’s son, Jonah.  We’re terribly proud of these. Volume 1 includes Living in Exile, Jon’s masterpiece.  Volume 2 features his dreaming and devised works, and includes Call of the Wild. I introduce both […]

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R&J Spoleto w bass drum

Romeo & Juliet rocks the Spoleto Festival

For three weeks the production of R&J I composed this year, produced by Shakespeare’s Globe and directed by Dominic Dromgoole and Tim Hoare, takes over at the Spoleto Festival in South Carolina. Few reviews worth sharing – go team! Here she blows (from the Charleston City Paper): Romeo and Juliet crackles with fun and menace, […]

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R3 II;2 Battery

Richard III on Wall Street – Act II, Scene 2 in Battery Park

What a compelling place for this scene – this deep and multifaceted meditation on death and passing. We are at one of the 9/11 Memorials here in Battery Park, just south of Wall St. We’re filming all of Richard III at sites in the Wall St area – Financial District more broadly. This misshapen Globe […]

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Henry VI part 3 – Act V, Scene 4 backstage at Crimes and Crimes

We’re about to go on here – this is the cast of Strindberg’s “Crimes and Crimes” coming to my aid here. Strindberg champion Ulrika Brand has translated, adapted, and directed this production to mark the centennial of Strindberg’s death. There are many events happening in the Boston/Cambridge area concurrently, all a part apparently of a […]

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LLL V;2 mall cop

Love’s Labours Lost – Act V, Scene 2 in the Natick Collection

Definitely the longest scene we filmed so far. Gadzukes is this thing that long? In Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost, Act V; Scene 2 is a whole play unto itself – literally. In addition to the denouement of all the characters in one scene, the court revelry is a play of the 9 Worthies that stands […]

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HVI3 V;2 Lake Cochituate

Henry VI part 3 – Act V, Scene 2 at Lake Cochituate

Oh this one definitely goes among my all time favorites on this project. Amazing little scene that so few people would know, not a one famous line but still a heart wrenching short window into a huge man’s final hours – one of Shakespeare’s favorite situations. We’re sitting at the perfect hour of the day […]

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An interesting blog post about teaching Shakespeare and mining the metrics

I caught this online and felt it was worthy of a repost. It’s from a blogspot called Ferule and Fescue, and its author, Flavia, writes to our point here at Shakespeare Aloud extremely effectively. In short, there are MANY different rhythms going on – the iambic pentameter of Shakespeare’s line, our own heartbeats and breaths, […]

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HVI1 II;5 House of Siam

Henry VI part 1 – Act II, Scene 5 at The House of Siam

Here we are at this lovely Thai restaurant on Tremont St. I had an audition for Our Town just now for The Huntington Theatre Company – met MacArthur Fellow David Cromer who’s had a great deal of success with this play. Then I took advantage of a strange hour to eat to hopefully convince the […]

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LLL III;1 on skis and butt lift

Love’s Labours Lost – Act III, Scene 1 SKIING, on a BUTT LIFT and finally, AS MY OWN SKIING VIDEOGRAPHER

This is maybe the best video so far since the Occupy protest march. In this one scene, albeit it is a long scene, full of clowns and lovers and all ranges of noble to doggerel verse, I try skiing for the first time with Yorick. A dangerous proposition! Remember Yorick is ceramic… Once again my […]

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HVI2 III;1 Valvoline

Henry VI part 2 – Act III, Scene 1 in Valvoline getting my oil changed.

Gotta love the funny looks! Guy said I could read here ‘so look as shit doesn’t get weird.’ I like that. The background vocals are pretty good! Just going about their daily business while some crazy sits in his car with his skull reading all the parts from the Wars of the Roses! TOP OF […]

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MSND I;i Henley St

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act I, Scene 1 on Henley St in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Back to the Birthplace!

Well we’re back where we started. Several months ago Yorick and I stood only about 30 meters from this very spot, beginning the strange and eventful history with Act I, Scene 1 of Two Gentlemen of Verona. A dozen plays and thousands of miles later we are once again back here, albeit in a less […]

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MSND I;2 Henley St

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act I, Scene 2 on Henley St, Stratford-upon-Avon

This is great – not the most intuitive play to read on the street of Shakespeare’s birth and raising, and yet why not – it’s one of his most inventive works if not his MOST inventive play, and it shows just how far the man’s imagination could travel. You feel me? This is one of […]

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LLL I;i Leukerbad

Love’s Labours Lost – Act I, Scene 1 at the top of Leukerbad, Switzerland.

Here we are in amazing Leukerbad – the alpine town in a German speaking part of Switzerland. Leuk is the nearest town – way down the rugged mountainside. But atop the mountain here – a long gondola higher than the highest roads, we have the most pristine view ever, to complement the most pristine of […]

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HVI3 VI;iii thumbnail blood

Henry VI part 3 – Act IV, Scene 3 while drawing blood!

This was really fun, and I HIGHLY recommend this activity for those of you who tend to hate needles. Why not be struggling to make sense of some arcane scene of some arcane Shakespeare play, regaling your nurse, a ceramic skull, and a cheap camera, than be digging your nails into your hand dreading the […]

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HVIp3 IV;2 gas station

Henry VI part 3 – Act IV, Scene 2 while pumping gas

Well I suppose if I’m going to read Shakespeare at the post office, in the grocery store, while drawing blood for god’s sake, I might as well tape while I’m pumping gas. It’s a short scene – those willing enough to find the resonances can please watch along and indicate them here. Not sure how […]

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R3 II;i thumbnail Battery Park

Richard III – Act II, Scene 1 in Battery Park

There’s really something about this fake reunion scene between the Woodvilles and the rest of the court that jives with this statue of the immigrants just landed from Ellis Island. I don’t know, does ‘fish out of water’ cover it? Maybe not – probably a contributing factor is the Hans-Solo-esque capturing of these desperate souls […]

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R3 I;i thumbnail NYSE

Richard III – Act I, Scene 1 at the New York Stock Exchange

And we’re off! The whole play in two days all at various sites in New York’s financial district. One can’t get inside the trading floor of the stock exchange without permission (a post-9/11 rule), but we got the outside, featuring the lovely statue of George Washington (apropos of this first scene as you will see), […]

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R3 I;ii thumbnail Bull

Richard III – Act I, Scene 2 at the Wall St Bull

WOW. Great taping, Gabriel. Great site on a great day – LOTS of fun shots here, and a busker who plays so suitably for this scene – almost like bagpipes at one point before I cross the street. We got quite a crowd several minutes in – people (tourists) taking photographs and the like. The […]

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R3 I;iv thumbnail Trinity

Richard III – Act I, Scene 4 at Trinity Church

This was a GREAT segment – outside the church, then inside to see the beautiful ceiling and walls, then into the miniature museum for the killing of Clarence. Gorgeous serenity in this building, especially considering the locale. I wonder how many investors come HERE on their lunch break. Maybe they should.

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Titus V;iii thumbnail Roast

Titus Andronicus Act V, Scene 3 – Carving the Christmas Roast!

Oh this is a good one.  Who can resist indulging in the graphic and dripping language of the feast scene while carving a bloody roast straight out of the oven?  Well it was a pleasure and I highly recommend it.  If a little gross.  This scene is supposed to make you squirm, and the only […]

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Titus I;i thumbnail Christian Science

Titus Andronicus Act I, Scene 1 outside the Christian Science Center, Boston and on Newbury St WITH MAXIMILIAN

This was fabulous – kicking off the Christmas season with getting kicked out of the Christian Science Center reading the first scene of Titus Andronicus.  The view is perfect for the top of this play – the choosing of the Roman emperor, and the violence that ensues.  It seems all parts of this scene would […]

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Titus IV;ii thumbnail Christmas morn

Titus Andronicus Act IV, Scene 2 – Christmas morning! With Charley!

My brother and his wife’s dog, Charley, is the best dog in the world.  Or at least one of them.  The poor thing has to keep a diaper on because he licks himself too much.  He has epilepsy.  His eyes are definitely askew.  But he’s adorable and he will even suffer bloody Shakespeare on Christmas […]

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HVI3 II;vi thumbnail Arnold Arboretum

Henry VI part 3 – Act II, Scene 6 at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Boston

Here we are strolling through the beautiful Arnold Arboretum on this early autumn day just knocking on winter’s door. The space is lovely – I don’t do it all that much justice with any camera work to speak of really, but the serenity and tranquility of the place does come off through the scene. My […]

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HVI3 I;4 thumbnail 11:11:11

Henry VI part 3 – Act I, Scene 4 on 11/11/11 at 11:11:11am and 11:11:11pm!

This was an AMAZING birthday – we were reading the BEST SCENE from Henry VI part 3 at both 11:11:11am and 11:11:11pm on 11/11/11 – my thirty-first. What a great day. Special thanks and a big shout out to Grey Lee my old friend who was with us for BOTH occasions, my lovely Jane for […]

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Shrew OCCUPY thumbnail


This is a video I created to feature the highlights of these three scenes late in Taming of the Shrew shot in the midst of the Occupy Boston protest rally. There’s an amazing rendition here of “The quality of mercy is not strained” from Merchant of Venice, and the same guy starts off with a […]

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Your Anonymous dump page

As a great Shakespeare lover, a believer that he is not only the world’s greatest playwright but the world’s greatest poet, I admit to being irritated.  The director Mr. Roland Emmerich has said publicly he doesn’t support “lies being told to children,” i.e., Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare. So in this Discussion post, I would like to […]

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Shrew Act III, Scene 1 with live harp!

This was just incredible.  This woman was playing the harp, busking on Boylston St.  She sounded amazing – a really gifted player.  The music lesson in Shrew was next, where Lucentio and Bianca communicate their wooing through music, music theory, and very musical metaphors.  It was fabulous playing with the live music – you can […]

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Shrew Act II, Scene 1 – Apple Squeeze and rowdy Boylston St on a Friday night!

So many amazing moments here in the second video – 11pm Friday outside a string of sometimes rowdy bars on Boyslton St here in Boston. And the first part, (115 lines or so) was done at the end of the day at the Apple Squeeze in Lenox, MA.  I met Barbara Waldinger here, Artistic Director […]

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TGV IV;4 thumbnail Bobby

Two Gents Act 4, Scene 4 – Boston’s Financial District & The Black Rose

I am so absolutely bowled over by what happened here.  So much happened in such a short space.  First of all, I get to do the scene, talking to the audience about Crab my dog, with a real horse (and a very pretty one!).  Not only this, but you’ll see as the video starts, this […]

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Two Gents Act 1, Scene 1 – Stratford-upon-Avon, England – THE VERY BEGINNING

And……we’re off!  The very first installment of Shakespeare Aloud.  Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Walton, scholar, writer and professor at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust here in Stratford, Yorick and I have been given permission to film my first scene of the first Shakespeare play in the canon, right outside his actual birthplace. Nick and I discussed […]

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Two Gents Act 2, Scene 4 – Eiffel Tower

A gorgeous day with my family here in Paris.  I’m here with my mother (who’s visiting Paris for the first time), my step-father’s brother John St. Mary and his family – his wife Daniela Pellaud-St. Mary and their children Colin (my 10 year old godson) and his little sister Anais.  John and Daniela’s family live […]

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Symphony magazine cover

Bill and The Magic Flute profiled in Symphony Magazine!

Last winter’s production of The Magic Flute at Symphony Hall in Boston – a collaboration between the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Youth Orchestras, was caught in Symphony Magazine this summer, the trade mag of note in the world of American classical music. March 30, 2014, for two performances, I played the Narrator in my own […]

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Lithgow as Lear

Sweet Shout-out in the WSJ review of Lithgow’s Lear

Terry Teachout has done it again and I owe the world to him for it. Reviewing John Lithgow’s recent turn as King Lear in the Public’s production this summer, Teachout writes: “Not since Bill Barclay’s self-performed percussion score for the Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s 2005 Lear (in which Alvin Epstein was peerless in the title role) […]

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JC II;ii WWII Memorial

Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene 2 at the World War II Memorial

This was one of the most apropos locations for a scene I could wish for. Great apologies for the white noise of the fountain, but it is this very fountain that makes reading the scene so cool here. Not to mention Julius Caesar is the ultimate warrior. It seems fitting to be reading this in […]

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