Music of the Spheres


New Muse on Fire: Shakespeare & The Music of the Spheres performance

February 12th at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

at Sackler Studios, 7pm

Find event details HERE

This material has been presented on the following occasions:

2013 London Academy of Dramatic Arts

2012 Davis Square Theatre, Somerville

2012 Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra at The New England Music Camp in Sidney, Maine

2011 St. Botolph Club, Boston

2010 Brandeis University

2009 Shakespeare & Company’s Spherical Sounds Series

2009 Weston High School in Weston, MA

2008 Boston Center for the Arts, produced by the Orfeo Group and L’Academie

2007 Year of Science Festival, University of Connecticut

2007 Mercury Theatre Company in Colchester, England.

2006 Shakespeare & Company Humanities Lecture Series

2005 Shakespeare & Company Humanities Lecture Series


Below is a 70 minute edit of a 2 hour performance produced by Orfeo Group and performed at the Boston Center for the Arts in 2010. It features performers from Orfeo, singers from L’Academie, and other guests and friends.

This edit is meant to share my research with parties interested in bringing this exciting research to their institution and school. The lecture has been performed over 10 times in various forms – by myself, with students, professionals, two performers or over 20. The material is flexible and is always tailor-made for each iteration depending on audience, venue, and context.

If the video will not load, you can also watch it here.

Featured at the Year of Science Festival at the University of Connecticut

The Music of the Spheres is my area of special research.  It’s an engrossing field encompassing music, acoustics, physics, harmonics, astronomy, astrology, and other completely engrossing subjects.  Soon I will have extensive information on this site about my lecture event Muse on Fire: Shakespeare & The Music of the Spheres, other lectures I give on music and Shakespeare, and the resources and research I have gathered to write my first book.

There will also be video footage of a recent Muse on Fire event that will be up on this site within the first week of October.

Check back and in the meanwhile, enjoy the Mundane Monochord, pictured above.  And the scales of the planets, below:



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