Two Gents Act 2, Scene 5 – outside Notre Dame Cathedral

Well this certainly felt odd.  There are hundreds of people all throughout the square outside the Notre Dame Cathedral here in Paris.  Many of them are lined up almost 50 yards back – about half of them are just standing there with nothing better to do than watch me, obviously an American tourist, spout this odd, short scene between Lance and Speed.

The scene is exactly that kind of wordplay that someone whose natural language is not English would have a very hard time with.  So it stands to reason I perplexed a couple hundred people today in two short minutes.

I don’t feel much like elaborating on this scene.  It’s typical clown-driven prose from this play.  Speed’s scherzo energy and intelligence is amusing against Lance.  Lance is much smarter than everyone in this play gives him credit for, and to corner Speed is a coup indeed.


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