Two Gents Act 4, Scene 4 – Boston’s Financial District & The Black Rose

I am so absolutely bowled over by what happened here.  So much happened in such a short space.  First of all, I get to do the scene, talking to the audience about Crab my dog, with a real horse (and a very pretty one!).  Not only this, but you’ll see as the video starts, this guy (Bobby, apparently), starts to wheel his bike behind me and watch what I’m doing.  He completely interrupts the scene with an impromptu “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” rendition from Macbeth.  He does the whole thing.  Kudos to Chris Mancini my videographer here for catching this strange occurrence.  Keep listening through past the end – this guy there on the corner says “Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen the human mind is sick!”  These were some quality hecklers.  I’ve watched this tape many times now and I can’t quite believe what we caught.

We stopped taping here at the end of the Launce soliloquy and finished the scene at The Black Rose, a pub downtown with a couple of cold ones.  In between, we unsuccessfully tried to film this scene jumping in the gay pride parade and celebrating with the masses.  Unfortunately the record button wasn’t on.  But no matter, here at this Irish pub we’ve made friends and have been given permission to proceed.   Thanks to the Mancini family for taking such great footage!!


(I said ‘For I did play a laMENtable part’ but actually the line reads far better, ‘For I did play a LAmenTAble part.’)

As for the scene, who thinks this exchange between Julia (disguised as Sebastian) and Silvia is designed for Silvia to recognize Julia as Sebastian?  Where do you think the moment could be where Silvia could show the audience this?  Could Silvia take Julia’s disguise off?  Reveal her long flowing hair?  Might they have a poignant moment of recognizing each other’s strife?  Add your thoughts here.


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