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Mark Iago with Mandolin

Music Directing the Globe’s new Othello

Running until October is Othello at the Globe starring Mark Rylance and Andre Holland. My dear friend Claire van Kampen directs and composes and has done a sensational job. This is the Globe at its best – pared back, pacey, porous with the audience, dynamically performed and with a thick mixture of comedy and pathos. […]

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R&J Spoleto w bass drum

BOOK REVIEW in Early Theatre magazine

REVIEW Early Theatre 21.1 (2018) Bill Barclay and David Lindley (eds). Shakespeare, Music and Performance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. Jennifer Moss Waghorn, Shakespeare Institute (University of Birmingham) The central  — and persuasive  — premise of Shakespeare, Music and Performance is the fluidity, flexibility, and potential significance of music as a dramatic element across all […]

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What is Concert Theatre?

Antony & Cleopatra: Sakari Oramo conducts the BBC Symphony Orchestra with actors from Shakespeare’s Globe at the Barbican Concert theatre is a new incarnation of an old genre. It’s actors with orchestra, occasionally projections, puppets, you name it. Appearing in various different forms over the last 10-20 years, this is one of the most exciting […]

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The Obama Globe picture annotated right

Obama hears my tunes…

This was a rather big day. On April 23rd, 2016, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, President Obama came to visit the Globe to congratulate the Hamlet Globe to Globe company, who had played 197 countries in the world – by far a world record. This is Phoebe Fildes playing my tunes at something hysterical […]

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Shakespeare the stoner?

Pipes (plural) with traces of cannabis have been found in Shakespeare’s yard – dated conceivably to the period.  That’s about all there is ultimately to conclude in terms of hard facts to this article, but there is a collection of enticements to consider. This broke via Times magazine a month or so back but it seems […]

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The Merchant of Stratford?!

News this week from Aberystwyth University in Wales suggests that Shakespeare was a conniving grain hoarder whose cutthroat ways caused prices to soar in a time of famine. Just when you thought there was nothing else to say about the sketchy biography of the man from Stratford. In spite of the curiously interesting twist on […]

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key west shakespeare

American Theatre magazine discovers Shakespeare Aloud

Big news and great exposure for Shakespeare Aloud and hopefully sympathetic renegades everywhere…. By Jeremy D. Goodwin “Have Verse, Will Travel” Published in American Theatre, March 2013 Barclay reads from “Twelfth Night” off the coast of Key West. Photo: Casey Unterman   Bill Barclay isn’t shy about performing Shakespeare. But his unsuspecting audience looked a […]

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Your Brain on Grants

Fox Actor Journal: Bill Barclay (Posted in TCG Circle, the blog of Theater Communications Group) In the world of arts grants, there seem to me to be three different kinds. There are the specific project-oriented ones, the ones that reward great ideas of a finite nature. Yes you can devise this play and bring it […]

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REVIEW: Polish Macbeth at the Globe

Transvestites.  Rape.  Chaos.  Bloodlust.  Karaoke.  All these extremes are on full display in MAKBET – the Polish offering of Teatr Im Kochanowskiego in the Globe-to-Globe Festival.  I’ve just come from standing in the rain for this riveting though uneven, over-the-top adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, performed entirely in Polish, and I must say I’m still chilled […]

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Croy as Caliban

AJ Leon shares a beautiful story

One phrase I have recently adopted into my theatrical parlance is one’s “letter to the world.” Director Rebecca Holderness shared this with me. It’s the moment in the play when a character experiences a higher vision of self and finds the language to support that experience for the benefit of the audience. It’s a moment […]

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Shakespeare's birthday

Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare

Readers:  Please consider participating in the birthday celebrations happening all over the world by reading, commenting, and wishing the Bard your own personalized birthday wish… Today is the 448th birthday of not only the greatest playwright who ever lived, but also the greatest poet.  He is the most accomplished English writer of all time, by […]

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R3 II;i thumbnail Battery Park

Richard III – Act II, Scene 1 in Battery Park

There’s really something about this fake reunion scene between the Woodvilles and the rest of the court that jives with this statue of the immigrants just landed from Ellis Island. I don’t know, does ‘fish out of water’ cover it? Maybe not – probably a contributing factor is the Hans-Solo-esque capturing of these desperate souls […]

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Reading Shax Aloud thumbnail

Reading Shakespeare Aloud

My google alert for Shakespeare Aloud turned up something interesting recently. I don’t know what book this is taken from – it’s pretty generic and dry. But there are some interesting pieces of advice for those people who seek any kind of benefits to speaking the Bard aloud. In particular, achieving any sense of the […]

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Othello is half comedic?

You may recall my friend Grey, featured prominently in our readings on my birthday, 11/11/11 at BOTH 11:11:11am and 11:11:11pm (we were reading the best scene of the play to boot – check it out.) He sends me now this article which I find utterly fascinating, particularly because it scratches an itch I have about […]

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Mounting Comedy with actual twins

  Meet Zach and Jared Greenberg, and Aidan and Dotan Horowitz as Dromios of Ephesus and Syracuse, and Antipholuses of Syracuse and Ephesus on our first day of rehearsal. This fall I have been blessed with a scenario that a Shakespeare lover could fantasize over, on and off, for one’s entire lifetime. The opportunity to […]

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