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Everyman – How did you know my name?

Good Deeds – What?

Everyman – You wrote a song about me.

Good Deeds – Songs are about everyone.  So are dances and plays.  It can be about you if you like.

EveryActor is a devised piece created and directed by Bill Barclay.  Through a very musical devising process, the entire cast contributed dialogue, jokes, bits, songs, and even puppets.  All ten of these actors not only devised and rehearsed a brand new play in four weeks, but also learned new musical instruments and performed on them for the very first time in that span.

The play is based on Everyman, the 15th century English morality play (though it’s Dutch in origin).   EveryActor had its World Premiere at Shakespeare & Company in 2011.  Click here for a feature article about the performance.