Music Directing the Globe’s new Othello

Running until October is Othello at the Globe starring Mark Rylance and Andre Holland.

My dear friend Claire van Kampen directs and composes and has done a sensational job. This is the Globe at its best – pared back, pacey, porous with the audience, dynamically performed and with a thick mixture of comedy and pathos.

Working with the actors, singers and the band has been an absolute thrill.

The Sunday Times had this to say:

“Perhaps the best thing here is the music: Claire van Kampen is director and composer (not to mention Rylance’s wife) and Bill Barclay is the music director. The rendition of the Willow Song is perfect and very moving — it was an Elizabethan hit 20 years before Shakespeare wrote Othello and incorporated it so artfully and ominously into the story. A bit like the Trainspotting movie using Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life. (Well, sort of.) There are some jolly ensemble peasant dances, and Rylance demonstrates that he can strum at least one chord on the mandolin.”

Here’s the Guardian review.

Go the the Globe for tickets and showtimes.

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