Edward III – Act III, Scene 1 at Mass Art, Boston

Just a lovely day out here on Evans Way, a small park that was only significant to me because it was a great place to park in order to work in Tower Auditorium here in Mass Art.  I’ve gotten to be around another academic atmosphere, which is always noticeable in its ways, mostly by the behaviors of its clientele which afforded some amusing moments over the Halloween weekend tech.  Maybe I use the word clientele because of a notable observation a friend shared with me the other day that a university behaves much like a service industry.  Not that far off – food, lodging, classes, bookstores, coffee shops…. just rolled into a brand.

Regardless of any of that, I must say the students here are very nice and clearly driven and talented.  And with the possible exception of a shivering Jewish Poseidon asking us where the party was in the middle of the October blizzard, I’m sure they are sane and grounded too.


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