Edward III Act I, Scene 2 at the Osher Life-Long Learning Institute (UMass Boston)

This was a fabulous opportunity to talk some Shakespeare with like-minded enthusiasts.  Chris Harding, the Instructor at the school, brought me in for the second year in a row to chat with his class about the Bard.  We talked about Anonymous the film-that-shall-not-be-named, as well as Actors’ Shakespeare Project’s production of Twelfth Night,  the upcoming Merry Wives of Windsor production that I’m going to be in, and my Shakespeare Aloud project.  We also discussed my conceptualization of Comedy of Errors at Brandeis due to open soon, and Shakespeare’s original company and education.

Considering all that, I suppose it’s a miracle we also got to some filming.  But I did get through this very compellingly written scene from Edward III, a play I do not know in any way whatsoever.  So, I am sight reading this just as I am all of the scenes from this play, and am discovering it as I go, like you.  I regret to say the first 20 or so lines, the Countess’ speech, is missing.  But we pick up with the entrance of the royal train and carry forth until the end.

What a fabulous play!  It’s really impressing me, and I was not expecting such mellifluous and sophisticated writing.  Not to say it’s Richard II or anything, but there are passages that certainly could be from any of those richly poetic plays.


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