Henry IV, Part 1 – Act III, Scene 2 at the George Inn, London IN SPANISH!!

This was a VERY special reading. First of all, it marks the very first time we’ve read Shakespeare in Spanish, ANYWHERE, less on camera and in a place we know Shakespeare himself frequented. This is an old pub near London Bridge where Shakespeare and Marlowe are said to have hung out back in the day, plotting their own theatrical and no doubt sexual escapades. Early twenties bad asses with a poetic itch to scratch and a lot to prove. This goes very high on the “fly on a wall” dream list, or places to see when someone finally invents time traveling.

My friend Malu Ansaldo reads the king with me here. WE DID RUN OUT OF BATTERY. That’s the bad news. But we will make it up to you! And by the by, my Spanish accent is terrible, so hopefully the fact that this film is mercilessly short comes as some consolation to someone. Malu and I work together at the Globe, she is from Argentina, and is frighteningly compelling in her native tongue. I hope you enjoy that as the King does most of the talking here.

Enjoy! Que tenga una buena Shaxperiencia!!


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