Henry V Act I, Scene 2 at the 2012 London Olympic Games!!

Well! We had to read during the Olympics! We just saw the Brazilian women’s beach volleyball team shellack the Netherlands on a beautiful day here in London, and my dear friend Caleb Mayo and I took the high ground here in the stadium to film this famous and hysterically intricate scene, I;2 of Henry V.

Earlier in the match we recorded the famous tennis balls speech from our seats, which is a separate video and is included below. That speech is the end of this scene.

We had several people watching us as they were filtering out of the stadium. We didn’t catch any on video, but suffice it to say, a dude in a fedora violently reading Shakespeare at a volleyball game spun a few heads! I just thought this scene was sporty enough, and aggressive between nations enough, to pick up some Olympic overtones in this, my very first time at an Olympic match. Couldn’t have gone better frankly!

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