Tennis Balls at the Olympics! LONDON 2012

What a silly idea. Ok for ShaxAloud lovers, I promise this video gets better as it gets going. My friend Caleb Mayo and I wanted to tape some Shakespeare at the Olympics (how could we resist) and it just so happened that we were breathing down the neck of Henry V (as we march through the whole canon, in order, and in public), so we chose the famous Act I, Scene 2 tennis balls scene to read during this beach volleyball match.

You’ll see some amusing things. First, we’re in a fabricated stadium at Horse Guards Parade, so the historic views around this sporting event are pretty gratifying. Next, suddenly there’s a raunchy bikini dance which we certainly didn’t expect was going go happen. Finally, the match begins again right at the end of the speech.

Forgive the shaky iphone, the audio that occasionally goes in and out, etc. We were just having a good time! But we are still glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us…

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