Henry VI part 1 – Act I, Scene 1 at The Haven, Lenox, MA

Well it was a stumbly time getting back in the Shakespeare saddle this morning. It was fun to shoot here – I wish I could say you had better visuals of the bustling atmosphere here. The Haven is where all of Lenox seems to congregate – in the summer it’s too busy to even walk into during meal times, but strangely for Berkshire County anywhere (Bizen excepted probably, in Great Barrington), it’s becoming packed even on the off-seaon.

This is a grew opening to these Wars. The play is starting with a fairly exposed structure – the burial of Henry V (the play begins with a “Death March” which now I just have to write – though it will be hard not to replicate the March from Beethoven 7 which is always a favorite…). Henry was England’s most notably patriotic king – his story looms large in the English psyche. So it should not surprise us that everyone is very, very sad.

But then a flurry of messengers arrive with horrible news for the English, and VERY quickly they all start fretting and bickering, and for the audience, the seeds of the Wars of the Roses are being sown before our very eyes through distrust, derision, and selfish motives. Looks like a dramedy!!

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