Henry VI part 2 – Act II, Scene 3 in Valvoline

Well here we are – spreading out in the car while they work all around us. I think I wrote this elsewhere but when I asked if I could do this, the manager on duty said sure, just as long as it doesn’t get weird. So I kept Yorick mostly out of view – sometimes he doesn’t play well with others (but as he always says, THAT, has more to do you with YOU than ME). He can be very pushy sometimes.

Enjoy these little segments – the audio is interesting – people working on 3 or 4 cars, cleaning the oil under the chassis of my 2003 Subaru legacy, and the attendants occasionally asking me to pay for stuff I don’t need. But hey, these drive-in mechanics are here to get you in – and out – to the tune of twice what it would cost elsewhere. At least they’re nice about it. 😉

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