Henry VI part 2 – Act III, Scene 2 in Prospect Park

This scene has my heart.  And I’m not alone.

The emotional center of this play hangs on this scene that no doubt requires the most care and time in rehearsal.  It is one of those Shakespeare scenes that should really be four different scenes, but Shakespeare doesn’t want to break the action.  Twelfth Night, Midsummer, they all have these – they’re almost always in Act III.  So it is with this.  It is Suffolk and Margaret’s farewell, and Suffolk’s brutishly short offstage beheading.  We see the actor and then his bloody head in squeamish succession.

I took the day down here at the park today to read this.  Found a good nook in a big tree that has seen better days.  Set up the camera perilously perched, scrambled up with Yorick, and here we go.


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