Henry VI part 3 – Act II, Scene 3 – Whole Foods


Gotta love Whole Foods.  This one has come in right in our neighborhood in Jamaica Plain – often called Jamaica Spain because of the huge Latino presence on this end of Centre St.    This is Jackson Square, and to be clear, JP is in Boston proper.  But we’re definitely the Mason-Dixon of this whole city.  Boston is known to be very segregated.  To the south of us is Roxbury, Roslindale, and Dorchester – predominantly black communities, while north is the South End, Back Bay, Brookline and Cambridge – all mostly white communities.  This middle layer is shrinking – sort of the the Latino spicy kick between the meat and the bread.

Whole Foods is buying out Hi-Lo, the Latino grocery store that had been here for years, and I assume those guys just took the money they’ve been working for their whole life and are enjoying it and god bless.  But I just paid $16 for a piece of chicken, an ice tea, and some kale, and there ain’t no chance in hell that was anything like Hi-Lo.

So in sort of mock protest I’m sitting in the back of my car and reading full-on war scenes from Henry VI part 3.  So there, Whole Foods and your little shopping carts…



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