Henry VI part 3 – Act IV, Scene 3 while drawing blood…

This was really fun, and I HIGHLY recommend this activity for those of you who tend to hate needles. Why not be struggling to make sense of some arcane scene of some arcane Shakespeare play, regaling your nurse, a ceramic skull, and a cheap camera, than be digging your nails into your hand dreading the prick of a needle, which let’s be honest is only bad because we know it’s coming. See, Shakespeare does all kinds of funny things to your brain – I’m confident it can keep your mind off anything. There are some funny, totally unintended resonances in especially this first video, but I leave it for you to enjoy. As for me, I couldn’t quite believe the blood test was done so soon – they’re incredibly expedient here at this Natick clinic. So I finished the scene as I was leaving, and then outside in the parking lot. Enjoy, and those who are particularly squeamish needn’t worry – her work is so good you can’t even really see the vial!

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