Love’s Labours Lost – Act I, Scene 1 at the top of Leukerbad, Switzerland.

Here we are in amazing Leukerbad – the alpine town in a German speaking part of Switzerland. Leuk is the nearest town – way down the rugged mountainside. But atop the mountain here – a long gondola higher than the highest roads, we have the most pristine view ever, to complement the most pristine of goals of Ferdinand and his naive compatriots.

Here in this ascetic yet beautiful place, we will fast, rarely sleep, study all day luck (sucking the sweets of sweet philosophy as it were), and abjure the sight of all women.

For three years.

You’ll see how it unfolds how Armada the Spanish braggart wishes to join as well. And immediately there is a problem with the Princess’s imminent visit from France and the like. But for now, enjoy the rugged landscape and allow it to inspire us and scrub us clean of impurity and ignorance.

(Part II is a shorter, separate video)

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