Love’s Labours Lost – Act I, Scene 2 on a ski lift AND SKIING

This was a fun experiment. We’re on a 6 seater – the video begins JUST as we’ve sat down and launched. It is a windy day, but still surprising how way up at even this height you can hear the text clearly – I only mean that as far as the camera is concerned, it was bound to be windy doing all this. But the little guy has held up pretty well.

This was just a really really fun scene to read on this lift. There are two people on this lift with me who were not told anything about what we’re doing and are certainly not members of my family, FYI. But Yorick’s presence as always is a calming one for strangers.

The playfulness of this scene seems to somehow be perfect for this setting – can’t explain why. Filming continues (somewhat poorly) during the end of the lift, getting off and skiing to safety. We then finish in stillness at the top of the mountain.

The final speech of this scene – Armado’s – is saved for part 2 – a short video I wanted to keep separate because it’s THE FIRST SHAKESPEARE ALOUD VIDEO ON SKIIS! That’s right – I ski down this very mountain finishing the scene, and beginning the next.

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