Love’s Labours Lost – Act III, Scene 1 SKIING, on a BUTT LIFT and finally, AS MY OWN SKIING VIDEOGRAPHER

This is maybe the best video so far since the Occupy protest march. In this one scene, albeit it is a long scene, full of clowns and lovers and all ranges of noble to doggerel verse, I try skiing for the first time with Yorick. A dangerous proposition! Remember Yorick is ceramic…

Once again my amazing aunt Daniela Pellaud-St. Mary tapes while skiing as well, and we go relatively smoothly down the intermediate slope here.

Then for some reason I decide to make dangerous matters worse by attempting to film, with Yorick, on the butt lift, those infamous traps for embarrassment. They look like they’re for little kids, then suddenly you get on one wrong and end up making them stop them for several minutes while you slide down on your butt with half the mountain marveling at your stupidity.

But though we almost collapsed, we did not. So I decided to push my luck even further – by trying to tape myself while reading, while holding Yorick, while skiing. Talk about getting your exercise.


Funnily enough I think it does wonderful things to the play!

AND IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY. Hence the final tag at the end. Yoric + Joan = Valentine’s Day. We are are the joke of “Cupid’s butt shaft” today.

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