Love’s Labours Lost – Act IV, Scene 2 in the Swiss Snow

As I say in the video, I had to get this one out of the away on my lonesome. Especially given that this the German part of Switzerland, meaning that if anyone speaks a second language well it’s French and THEN English, these Holofernes scenes just aren’t going to make an impact (they barely do anyway, sadly). I for one have yet to see these guys make an impact – too much pedantic Latin humor, which seems less cuttable in this play than in its Latin-infused (infested) counterpart, Merry Wives of Windsor. Here, it’s what these entire characters rely on, and they do end up certainly playing their roles in the plot.

I think directors probably think they can ‘solve’ these scenes somehow – finally make them work, or perhaps they think they have really funny actors who can bring them alive. Have you seen this to your satisfaction? Let me know on the blog.

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