Love’s Labours Lost – Act IV, Scene 3 in The Egg

Riding up on the FOURTH different kind of ski lift while filming, this really completes the quad-fecta! (get it? anyone?).

For those of you following along, I was trying to read all of Love’s Labours Lost on Swiss ski lifts, and while skiing and doing other skiing related activities. It was critical to get the full experience up here, and this is the perfect scene to do it – Berowne sits ‘high in the sky’ while he watches his three compatriots all bring in scandalous love letters to read aloud, they think, in private (sound familiar?).

So here we are, peeking over everyone skiing their way down the mountain, enjoying the view, isolated and at the same time completely visible. It’s a parallel to be sure, and hardly the tough fit that often accompanies these videos which have to be done!

There are some worthy moments of synchronicity here. I’m with my new friend Ivo to my right, and sitting in front of us is his son Théodore, my godson Colin (filming) and their friend Nitya.

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