Love’s Labours Lost – Act V, Scene 2 in the Natick Collection

Definitely the longest scene we filmed so far. Gadzukes is this thing that long? In Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost, Act V; Scene 2 is a whole play unto itself – literally. In addition to the denouement of all the characters in one scene, the court revelry is a play of the 9 Worthies that stands on par with Pyramus and Thisby in the poorness of the presentation (and potential delight of all). Costard as Pompey is no Bottom, but scene stealing opportunities are most certainly there.

This is also the scene when the four men dress up as Russians to woo the Princess and her 3 French ladies – all enamored of the gentlemen. The women of course see perfectly through their disguise. SO. We have decided to tape at the Natick Collection where there happen to be a couple dozen display dresses in a large open space to imagine as my compatriots.

It’s amazing how many people we saw today and how many were interested on the sidelines. No one wanted to sort of come into the circle, as it were, but lots of folks took interest.

That is, until I got stoppe – about 28 minutes into the video – and told I couldn’t be filmed.

By a mall cop.

Well, authority is what it is. Insert Shakespeare quote on that here. We went outside Neiman Marcus and finished there.

The biggest hilarity of this adventure is the camera ran out of battery RIGHT before the last lines of the play, which I’m going to have to retape. They were Armado’s unforgettable – “You that way, we this way.” Stops my heart. All on its own but double because it’s not at the end of this epic video!

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