Large Works


My most recent piece, Five Sonnets to Orpheus, for string quartet, chromatic harmonica, and reader, has been performed several times by the Aurea Ensemble throughout 2010 and 2011.  A recording is forthcoming and the score is available upon request.

I am also working on a full set of Shakespeare’s Songs (there are 51) with the requisite dances and some other incidental music critical to Shakespeare’s productions, for a volume to be published in 2013.


Copies of all scores are available upon request.

Call of the Wild  – Full-length musical composed with Book and Lyrics by Jon Lipsky.

  • For cast of 13, piano, percussion, guitars, double bass, and fiddle.  Perfect for actors doubling as much of these and more (accordion, spoons, anvil, chains), etc.
  • World Premiere performance on the Olney Theater Center mainstage in DC, 2009.
  • National Tour (9 months and 48 states) through the National Players.
  • Workshops at Boston University, University of Virginia, and the University of Kansas.


The Hamlet Symphony – A Music Drama, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and Macbeth.  

      • For cast of 16 actors and a 16-member chamber orchestra.
      • Conceived, composed, and World Premiere directed by Bill Barclay
      • Script co-compilers and original actors:  Logan-Ann Atkinson, Natalie Fryman, Caleb Mayo, Lynne Rosenberg, Gregory Srolestar



All’s Well That Ends Well – A musical score to accompany the play, sung by Lavache.  Lyrics by Tina Packer and Shakespeare.

  • 13 songs providing live folk/rock accompaniment to the play.
  • All songs on the album Tongues and Bones


The Mad Pirate & The Mermaid – A musical written with playwright Michael Burnet.

          • For cast of 12 musical, singing actor/pirates.
          • World Premiere, Shakespeare & Company 2008, directed by Michael Burnet and music directed by Bill Barclay



Five Sonnets to Orpheus – 10′ chamber piece for string quartet, chromatic harmonica, and reader

          • Commissioned by Aurea Ensemble and performed several times since 2010




My work as a composer, sound designer and recording artist always continues.  

Here are some samples for you to enjoy.

Entrance of Lear from King Lear

The Satyr Dance from The Winter’s Tale

Dance of the Shepherds and Shepherdesses from Shakespeare & Company’s The Winter’s Tale

Woodworking Together, Opening Theme, PBS

Sonnet from The Hamlet Symphony (live recording).  Mahagonny Ensemble, with Caleb Mayo (Hamlet), and Natalie Fryman (Ophelia)

The Murga Dance – From Orfeo Group’s Island of Slaves 

1 Good in 10 16 bit – From Tongues and Bones (All’s Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare & Company).  Text by Shakespeare.

Born Upon the Boarders – From Tongues and Bones (All’s Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare & Company).  Lyrics by Tina Packer.  Performed by Bill Barclay, Alex Sovronsky, Paulo Carminati, and Joelle Lurie.

Worldes blis ne last no throwe – From The Hollow Crown, sung by Kristin Wold and Bill Barclay

Breaking the Code Suite – Music from Central Square Theatre’s production of Breaking the Code.  Cherry Kim, cello.

Hanging Fog – One of the long tracks from our recent Metal & Glass Ensemble album In Flight.  Performers:  Bill Barclay, Thadd Comstock, Matt Samolis

Antony & Cleopatra Suite II – Music from Shakespeare & Company’s hit production

Captain’s Doll Suite  – String duet score to Wellfleet Harbor Actors’ Theatre production of The Captain’s Doll, Jeff Zinn, director.

St. Jacques’ Pilgrim – From Tongues and Bones (All’s Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare & Company).  Text by Shakespeare.