Digital Audio & Recording

For my work as a sound designer, I use the following programs.  Thankfully in this day and age, such platforms are always besting each other at interfacing more smoothly.  Please don’t hesitate to ask how these all fit together.

My DAW of choice is Ableton LIVE

My software notation program of choice is SIBELIUS.  And yes, Sibelius 6 is worth it.

I also use LOGIC and occasionally Garage Band.

REASON has been a great sampler to me in the past, and this platform is improving all the time.

I use Ethno (and yes, Ethno 2 is worth it) for world instrument sounds.

VSL, Vienna Symphonic Library, is too expensive but also worth it.  I am adding orchestral samples to my arsenal all the time.

Here are some samples using these software families in mellifluous and jarring ways:

Dance of the Shepherds and Shepherdesses from The Winter’s Tale

The Satyr Dance from The Winter’s Tale


More information about my sound design work on its way…