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I am the proud collector of over 50 different musical instruments, ranging from the large to the small and the expensive and complex to simple and cheap.  It has been my great joy to provide music to so many diverse productions over the last 10 years that have required me to up my arsenal in hardware and software alike.  I do give lessons on many of these, if my skill and that of the student matches well, and if you’re interested you can contact me on the contact page.  Just as often, I find myself renting out these now mellifluous, now anarchic children to people and productions that require use for them.


Below is a list of what I own.  Pictures and videos of each are coming shortly.


Yamaha YDP-223 digital piano – beautiful weighted-key, full size, and fully integrated with Mac music programs

Keystation 88-pro digital piano – weighted-key, full size midi controller (no built-in sounds).  USB bus-powered with stand.

Wurlitzer spinet piano. 1950’s.

Honor Concerto II medium-sized accordion – 1970’s made, refurbished, and purchased in Germany.

Honor accordion – old, beat-up, some keys out of tune, front grate missing (so you can see the stops).  Gorgeously bad and extremely theatrical.

German-style diatonic 20 button concertina, hand-made and purchased in Florence.

Melodica, of unknown origins.  It’s blue.

M-Audio Keyrig 25 – two-octave midi controller keyboard.  USB bus-powered.

Gourd-style medium-size thumb piano, made and purchased in Bali.


Martin DCME cutaway mahogany acoutic/electric guitar – my axe.

Montana almond-shaped acoustic guitar – backpacker size, perfect for the stage in period productions.

Epiphone 5-string banjo with wood resonator.

Lark in the Morning Puerto Rican cuatro, made in Mexico – 10 string guitar (5 courses of 2)

Cümbüs, made in Turkey – an oud strung like a banjo.  12 strings (6 courses of 2).  Spaghetti pot-style resonator.

Fender Jazz electric bass, American made.

Din bau, Vietnamese zither, made in Vietnam.

J. Reynolds flat-backed black mandolin.

Kala acoustic/electric soprano ukelele

Meadowlark 50-string medium-sized hammer dulcimer.

Lark in the Morning bowed psaltry (with bow) – 30 strings.

Russian-made hand harp – 15 strings

Student violin, very playable.


Conn tenor trombone with trigger.

Student tenor trombone, no trigger.

Hunting horn, in C.

Bb trumpet shaped like a flugelhorn

Flugelhose (made by Bill Barclay)


4 Balinese flutes – tenor, alto, and two sopranos.  slendro scale.

Penny whistles in D and G.

Student flute – solid keys.

Bagpipes – made in Pakistan (I don’t play these.  Yet.)

Clay ocarina, salsa whistle, slide whistle, many recorders and simples flutes.

Hammacher Schlemmer tremelo harmonica in 5 keys.

Trumpet harmonica (with trumpet-like brass bells).

Blues/Marine Band harps in many keys, and some student harmonicas.

Beautiful chromatic harmonica.


Medium-sized djembe, goat-skin head, string tuning

Balinese kundang, two-sided hand drum (with stick)

Beautiful imported North Indian tablas.

Two-headed African drum – one side with clay muting, beautiful string tuning.

Walton Irish bodhran, with tippers.

Snare drum, with stand.

Frame drums – large (no snare or crosspiece), smaller (snare and no crosspiece), medium-sized (double sided, cow hide).

Ocean drum

Zebra wood Irish bones.

Middle Eastern clay doumbek.

A small pentatonic steel drum.

Authentic African balafon – 6 keys with tire rubber mallets.

Large tambourine with clear synthetic drum head.

Tons of small percussion instruments.  Guiro, claves, thunder can, wind wands (2, a single and a double), cymbals (medium crash and splash, with stand), cowbell, vibraslap, castanets, ratchet.

Sticks GALORE.