Rape of Lucrece Part 1 Rockingham Race Track, NH

And…..we’re off! I drove up to New Hampshire today to buy my latest Apple product – a new lap top. 2.5 Ghz 750Gig 8G RAM if you’re curious. These sound designs I have to do away from my home studio equipment get bigger and bigger….

As all of us New Englanders know, NH is sales tax free. So that was a savings of 6.25%. I knew I had to start THE RAPE before too long, and I’ve since stopped making a big deal out of not having read the text beforehand – I just read the darn thing, warts and all. As I crossed the border I noticed signs for this run down race track – huge empty cracked parking lots – you’d practically expect a tumbleweed or two. I walked the perimeter and couldn’t get inside, so I found a cozy view of the track near a warm and welcome chained link fence and began reading.

The guy who walks past behind the camera was looking at us for several moments. I finally whipped out a card and gave it to him. What he said to me just totally warmed my heart. Those are the moments. Do you feel me? Those are the moments.

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