Richard III – Act I, Scene 2 at the Wall St Bull

WOW. Great taping, Gabriel. Great site on a great day – LOTS of fun shots here, and a busker who plays so suitably for this scene – almost like bagpipes at one point before I cross the street. We got quite a crowd several minutes in – people (tourists) taking photographs and the like.

The beginning is rather comical actually. Sort of like a really bad morality play – I just want to laugh watching this. But it really does pick up, in part because of all the people there with us looking at the Bull and taking pictures of its magnificent cajones.

The second video below is the final coda – Dick the Turd’s remarkable ‘Was ever woman in this humor wooed/won’ speech. We just tacked it on as a separate piece – it’s great don’t miss it.

Pigeons also make fabulous appearances on this tape. I’m loving this camera Gabe! Someone get me one!

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