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Shakespeare the stoner?

Pipes (plural) with traces of cannabis have been found in Shakespeare’s yard – dated conceivably to the period.  That’s about all there is ultimately to conclude in terms of hard facts to this article, but there is a collection of enticements to consider. This broke via Times magazine a month or so back but it seems […]

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MSND II;i Henley St

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act II, Scene 1 on Henley St in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Carrying forth here on a chilly day in Stratford. I suppose the weather’s perfectly reasonable considering where we are, but you can see I need both scarves to get through a couple acts here. We’re on the street of Shakespeare’s birthplace and upbringing. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is right behind us.

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Your Anonymous dump page

As a great Shakespeare lover, a believer that he is not only the world’s greatest playwright but the world’s greatest poet, I admit to being irritated.  The director Mr. Roland Emmerich has said publicly he doesn’t support “lies being told to children,” i.e., Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare. So in this Discussion post, I would like to […]

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