Shrew Act I, Scene 2


What an amazing day – perfect weather and lots of folks out to play here at the Apple Squeeze in Lenox, MA.  It’s local commerce’s autumnal holiday, and the town really embraces it.  There are outdoor bands, dozens of tents, and at least 20 different places to get all kinds of things from cider doughnuts to falafel.

We had some wonderful moments of interaction.  Shelly’s spontaneous “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”  As well as Joel’s priceless moment noticing Yorick and Jane at the same time, “Oh Alas, alas.  Oh, you’re a lass.”  Managed to get my mug into Shakespeare’s and Queen Elizabeth’s holes, which just sounds terrible, but how would you say it?  Stuck my face in a painted faceless portrait?  That’s probably better.  I continued in the Squeeze for a few more scenes with several noteworthy moments.

Let’s take a glance as come musicality/musiclarity in this 280-line scene:


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