Titus Andronicus Act IV, Scene 2 – Christmas morning! With Charley!

My brother and his wife’s dog, Charley, is the best dog in the world.  Or at least one of them.  The poor thing has to keep a diaper on because he licks himself too much.  He has epilepsy.  His eyes are definitely askew.  But he’s adorable and he will even suffer bloody Shakespeare on Christmas morning.

You’ll see I’m given an enticing looking bloody mary for the gift unwrapping, and since we’re doing a seasonal Titus this holiday season, I felt compelled to read during all the big times.  So I’ve just woken up, my siblings are all coming down and making a bit of food, and Christmas proper will soon begin.

But first, a little Bill Shakespeare.  What do you say a bit of bloody revenge to go with the beverage?

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