Titus Andronicus Act I, Scene 1 outside the Christian Science Center, Boston and on Newbury St WITH MAXIMILIAN

This was fabulous – kicking off the Christmas season with getting kicked out of the Christian Science Center reading the first scene of Titus Andronicus.  The view is perfect for the top of this play – the choosing of the Roman emperor, and the violence that ensues.  It seems all parts of this scene would happen in front of and around a place that looks a lot like this – it’s not unlike Julie Taymor’s vision anyway.  And hey, Titus gets kicked down the stairs pretty hard – Yorick and I appreciated the irony in taking one for the team (the actual ‘you can’t film here’ moment occurs at the end of the second video below).

The scene is fabulous.  Titus kills his own son, right in the first scene, and one poor Goth, Alarbus, is cut up and sacrificed with his entrails burning to appease the gods – lovely way to start a play.  Shakespeare is out-Marlowing here for sure – remember this play falls right after both parts of Tambourlaine, the Great.

I know Titus has about as little to do with Christmas as Shakespeare does at Jesus Camp, but it sure does make one appreciative of how more civilized and less, er, torturous, our lives in 2011 certainly are.

We then moved up to Newbury St where I the wind became a loud louder (you will notice). The wind actually turned off the camera, strangely, before it blew it clean off the mail box I had it resting on. So I had to pick up a little further down the street. If you make it this far – CHECK OUT MAXIMILIAN the million dollar dog I found on Newbury St. I even feed in a little Shakespeare to its owner, who’s obviously pimping out his little pooch in probably the only way that statement isn’t offensive.


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