Titus Andronicus Act II, Scene 2 – on Newbury St, 3 nights before Christmas

Tried to squeak another one in here before the end of the day. Props to Dana and Kat, friends of mine from Boston in the late aughties, for parking right in front of the barber shop I was reading at. Naturally they were a bit curious what the hell I was doing, but my battery had just run out and I was getting thirsty. “Christmas shopping” really just devolves into drinks at the bar one out of every two times, doesn’t it? So we didn’t get much of that done, admittedly. Or additional reading…. figured I should keep the Christmas ball rolling before the day’s out.

Yes there’s a bit of confusion as to the scene numbers. This is in fact II;2, not II;1 as I say in the video. Apparently the folio puts what would normally be II;1 at the end of the enormously length I;1, but I think it best to put the Aaron/Chiron/Demetrius scene as scene 1, making this exchange scene 2.

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