Titus Andronicus Act II, Scene 3 at the Holly Jolly Folly XX

Well I must admit this was a great thrill. This is the annual Christmas party hosted by the Incredible Lee Family in Weston, MA – my hometown. Grey, Alex, Benny, and Teddy were four brothers ranging about a dozen years through the Weston schools. They are all four them good friends of mine, as well as their parents, Marcy and Bruce Lee! And who could forget Bruce Lee?

This is the twentieth year of a great party – an open invitation for any Weston graduate of virtually any recent year to come and bump into some familiar faces. Well the moment was ripe and I had to get some reading in. After all, I wanted Titus to really exert its presence over all the usual Christmas holiday fare and flare this year, and I had to get a Christmas party into the mix! Grey helps out by improvising on the guitar and making up some sweet tunes. Plenty of unwilling spectators here.

But the alcohol content is so high, and the lighting is so unprofessionally low, this is an example of a video I wouldn’t leap to post on the internet. It’s nerdy, exposing, uncut, and a bit too collegial for the profesional sheen that one wants to glisten off one’s work. But here we are – we have 800+ videos to upload, and I haven’t got all day.

So: it’s a good scene for this kind of tomfoolery. Enjoy, and just know – I told you so.

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