Tongues and Bones

My first album, Tongues and Bones, is a narrative of songs from Shakespeare & Company’s production of All’s Well That Ends Well, directed by Tina Packer in 2008.  Tina wrote all the lyrics and supplied more from Shakespeare and a poem from Henry II.  The goal was to make a modern troubadour sound, since All’s Well is set partly in Roussillon, which is the supposed birthplace of the 14th century troubadours.

I sing and play most of what you hear, from guitars to mandolin, harmonica, and percussion.  Alex Sovronsky does some remarkable fiddle and tin whistle work, and Paulo Carminati and Joelle Lurie supply clutch background harmonies.

Have a listen to two of the tracks:

1 Good in 10
St. Jacques’ Pilgrim

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