A genuinely hard Shakespeare quiz from an unlikely place

The Leicester Square Box Office, everyone.

Courtesy of my new friend James Brewster.  I only got a 12 out of 15 and I’m supposed to know my #$%&.  But we have two useful links here for you.

The focus of the short fun quiz is on the legacy of his language in modern English – also rare to find a quiz that’s educational in nature and research-based.  They are gathering some useful take-aways of how folks (mainly Brits) are aware (or not) of how much we still take from WS.

But the plot thickeneth.  There is also a translator of sorts that takes a quote from a handful of plays each and puts it in a modern English dialect – Geordie, Yorkshire, Cockney, Brummie, or West Country.  Take a look it’s interesting!



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