I published some books everyone

The Jon Lipsky Play Collection is here.

The 8 best plays by Boston-area stalwart Jon Lipsky are published by Smith & Kraus, co-edited with Jon’s son, Jonah.  We’re terribly proud of these.

Volume 1 includes Living in Exile, Jon’s masterpiece.  Volume 2 features his dreaming and devised works, and includes Call of the Wild.

I introduce both volumes as well as Call in Volume 2.  Each play is introduced by luminaries from Jon’s creative life, who each paint a vivid silhouette, that taken together tell you much more about him than his plays ever will.

Enjoi, world.  Amazon’s Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Have loved this process and hope you love the plays.   Here’s some of the press that’s helped us launch these.

Posthumously, Jon Lipsky is now a published playwright in the Boston Globe

Reigniting the Creative Dream in the Vineyard Gazette