Shrew Act II, Scene 1 – Apple Squeeze and rowdy Boylston St on a Friday night!

So many amazing moments here in the second video – 11pm Friday outside a string of sometimes rowdy bars on Boyslton St here in Boston.

And the first part, (115 lines or so) was done at the end of the day at the Apple Squeeze in Lenox, MA.  I met Barbara Waldinger here, Artistic Director of HRC Showcase Theatre, who knew I was Petruccio and started going toe to toe.  Some great moments here.

I wanted to hit somewhere really dynamic for the famous wooing scene, so I stopped here and started prowling downtown.  It was amazing.  Maybe over 15 different Kates were out to play.  The very opening of the video sets the tone perfectly – an impeccably timed “Do you bite your thumb at me sir?” from the very first passerby!

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